I trained at Southend Art College in the late sixties. I then had a career in theatre and opera, painting and creating sets, including some design. I left the Welsh National Opera Company in 1990, after 16 years, to pursue my first love : painting, together with the romantic idea of seeking my muse in the south of France, where I have been living, working and exhibiting for 25 years.

I enjoy all aspects of artistic endeavour, and I have been lucky enough to make a living painting trompe l’oeils and murals, designing chandeliers, furniture, ornate mirrors etc., mainly for owners of châteaux and country houses, sometimes restaurants and hotels. I also have a very talented husband who can realise my 3-D designs, as he is able to apply himself to anything: be it woodwork, metalwork, stonemasonry, electrics …..

This metier has given me the opportunity to follow my personal path in the fine arts, which has led me to paint many diverse subjects : landscapes, portraits, and still life.

However, for the most part, the châteaux in which I work, with their beautiful antiques and ambiance, have influenced the subject matter of my paintings. Light streaming through windows into darkened rooms, endless corridors, glimpses into hidden rooms, lamps in corners, the imprint of individuals on their surroundings, rooms just vacated, the little ‘nature mortes‘ people create in empty corners throughout their dwellings, the personalised imprint that people make on their surroundings, these enigmatic stories never cease to inspire me.

I’m now embarking on a new phase in my painting, for I am more and more intrigued by the abstract; however, I’m not searching for pure abstraction for I want the onlooker work and perhaps recognise something familiar, like a dream half remembered.